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Application of sand aggregate making machine

  • Hubei gravel sand project

    The eighth Bureau of Hydropower selected Shenxiang machine sand making system and successfully realized the construction of the first set of stone chip sand making production line in the industry。

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  • Jingyang sand project in Shaanxi province

    The project uses limestone debris to make sand, which is the corner debris produced in the crushing process of the former section of limestone. The raw material particle size is less than 5mm, the raw material moisture is about 4%, and the raw material MB value is about 5。Our company adopts SX300 host system, the single production capacity of up to 350t/h, the particle size fully meets the standard requirements of the second zone sand class I sand requirements of high quality fine mechanism sand。

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  • Loudi machine sand project

    Using the column grinding system of Shenxiang Machine, the project achieved the ideal goal of "one ton of stone and one ton of sand"。

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