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Coal crushing application of electric power

  • Shanxi Qin new energy coal (coal gangue) crushing column crusher commissioning operation

    In October 2018, the coal gangue crusher column crusher supplied by Changsha Shenxiang General Machinery Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Shenxiang Machinery) was commissioned in Shanxi Qin New Energy circulating fluidized bed Boiler (CFB boiler) power plant project。Shenxiang Machinery of our company is responsible for the whole system transformation design of the coal crushing system of the project, the supply, installation, debugging and training of the main column crushing equipment。The power plant starts with the 1# coal measure...

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  • Shanxi Chengdong Phase II coal crusher renovation project

    The second phase transformation of Xiaoyi City East heat source plant is a key project of the city, which shoulders the entire urban heating of Xiaoyi City and is a major livelihood project。The power plant had three circulating fluidized bed boilers of 150t/h, and now three new circulating fluidized bed boilers of 150t/h are added。Because the original coal crusher equipment is old, the failure rate is high, the coal crushing particle size is coarse, and it can not meet the requirements of the boiler。After many investigations by the owner, many...

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  • Transformation and application of Veolia thermoelectric inferior coal crusher

    Renovation background: Two 150t/h circulating fluidized bed boilers of Veolia Thermal Power (Chengdu) Co., LTD。During the construction of the plant, two circulatory crushing machines were arranged in the coal transport crushing system to prepare coal fuel into the furnace。After the operation of the power plant, due to the large size of the crusher after operation, uncontrollable, often cause the boiler can not operate normally, from the establishment of the plant so far, Veolia thermal power has carried out three changes to the coal crushing system.

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