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Non-metallic mineral grinding applications

  • A case of grinding system of a feldspar processing factory in Guangdong

    [Grinding machine] : 1 set of ZMJ900A system,The rated power of the whole machine 110KW [production] : 15/h [raw materials and finished products] : potassium feldspar,20-140 Project profile: a feldspar processing factory in Guangdong,In 2012, we purchased a system ZMJ900A+PL90+SXZ500,It is used for processing potassium albite,It is used to produce 20-140 mesh potassium albite powder,Used in the production of glass raw materials,Strict control of fine powder and coarse powder...

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  • Shandong group dolomite grinding system case

    Project overview: Dolomite can be used as the refractory inner layer of the reformer used in steelmaking, slag making agent, cement raw materials, glass flux, kiln industry, fertilizer, building and decoration stone, paint, insecticide and medicine。A Shandong iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. wants to process dolomite to provide the application of auxiliary materials, so the technical process begins to choose a reference, from the early crushing, grinding, dust removal to...

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  • Serpentine grinding process of slag making agent in Shandong mining company

    【beta365下载】 : 2 sets ZMJ900A,Rated power of the whole machine 110KW [production] : 35t/h [raw materials and finished products] : serpentine,-3mm Project Overview: A mining company in Shandong introduced two ZMJ900A column mills in 2002 to crush -3mm serserine products for Baosteel as slag making agent,Single output of 35t/h or more,Energy consumption is less than 4KWh/t,Wear is only 0.1 yuan /t, equipment operation so far more maintenance is very little, by...

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